Pioneer of the chemically functionalized glucides
NeTech Inc.

Novelly fuctionalized glucides

NeTech let industrially unmanageable glucides convert to a manageable material through minimum chemical modification.

Characteristics as novel materials or technologies

  • Materials for consumables of medical apparatus
  • Bio-degradable macromolecules composed of chemically modified carbohydrates
  • It is hard to reproduce stable mass-production which depends on expertise concerning water-based synthesis of high molecular weight carbohydrates.
  • Our technologies were patented in US, EU, Canada, Australia, Korea and China.
  • Macromolecular glucide compensates for faults of medical materials composed of mammalian proteins.

Products, Product candidates, and business

1. Wound care with adhesive hydrogel LinkIconKytoGEL

  • Wound dressing promoting hemostasis, wound healing and tissue remodeling
  • Support material for endoscopic surgery
  • Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral materials incorporating silver ions
  • Intractable wound repair by means of topical drug delivery

2. Cytogenetic test of cells circulating in venous blood LinkIconLectin method

  • Kit for detecting fetal erythroblasts
  • Kit for detecting circulating tumor cells (CTC)
  • Distribution of automatic device for operating the kits
  • Distribution of dedicated image analysis and FISH treatment machine
  • Clinical laboratory for prenatal test

3.Medicines, medical devices, or research reagents of Neoglyconoid LinkIconNeoglyconoid

  • Inhibitor of neovascularization (Anti-Carcinogenic Agent、eye drops)
  • Blood purifier of heparin-bindable substances or virus
  • Detection of heparin-bindable substances using latex cohesion reaction
  • Cell cultureware modified with Neoglyconid
  • Fluorescent probes to carbohydrate-specific substances