Pioneer of the chemically functionalized glucides
NeTech Inc.

NeTech Inc.

  • Establishment: July 27, 1995
  • Capital: 65,087,500 JPY (as October 31, 2008)
  • Headquarters: Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan 
  • Outstanding shares: 29,560
  • Shareholders: Hirohumi Yura (50.37%), Takeshi Yamamuro (32.58%), Business partners (3.88%), Others (13.17%)


Jul. 1995
Establishment of NeTech Inc. (Capital 22.5 Mil JPY)
May. 1999
Japan Science and Technology Agency, Grant-in-aid for Original seeds deployment, adoption
April, 2008
In 2008, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare was delivered to a clinical study using KytoGEL
Oct. 2009
An option agreement about KytoGEL was concluded with a pharmaceutical company. Formulation of KytoGEL was accomplished.
In 2010
The patents concerning KytoGEL, prenatal testing, and carcinostatic agent were issued warldwide.
NeTech entrusted the production of proprietary materials and manufactures to Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2013
NeTech proved that fetal erythroblasts can be definitely isolated from maternal blood. Subsequently chromosomal abnormalities such as chromosome 13, 18, or 21 trisomy and Klinefelter's syndrome were detected from isolated erythroblasts.

Hirofumi Yura: president, CEO and CTO, PhD

  • Hirofumi Yura has been consistently engaged in R&D of biomedical materials and modulation of cellular functions. Yura worked on Terumo Corp. to research and develop the medical devices for the apheresis of blood components.
  • Yura served to develop artificial organs and DDS using chemically manipulated carbohydrates in Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology.
  • Subsequently, Yura established NeTech Inc. in 1995 in the role of financing, R&D, and arrangement of corporate partners.
  • Yura was serving as the researcher in the prenatal pathophysiological research division of National Center for Child Health and Development up to March 2013 concurrently.


  • Masahide Ezawa, Nobuko Yamamuro


  • Akio Baba

Patent office

  • WinGreen patent attorney

Customer and collaboration

  • Fujikura Kasei Co.Ltd. (overall production of NeTech’s materials including the mass production)LinkIconLink
  • Matsunami Glass Ind.,Ltd.
  • Carl Zeiss Japan
  • National Defense Medical courage 
  • National Center for Child Health and Development
  • Showa University