Pioneer of the chemically functionalized glucides
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Additional informations concerning KytoGEL, Lectin method, and HCPS

1.KytoGEL LinkIconHydrogelation of KytoGEL

  • UV-irradiation and photopolymerization 

2.Cytogenetic test of erythroblasts LinkIconPrenatal test of erythroblasts

  • Methods for prenatal test and its problem
  • Profile of erythroblasts
  • Comparison of prenatal test and diagnosis
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization: FISH
  • Principle of polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  • Detection of the amplified products
  • Digital PCR 

3.Medicines, medical equipments, and research reagents by using Neoglyconoid

  • Anticancer drugs and eye drops with antiangiogenesis
  • Use of medical equipments
  • Inflammatory bowel disease: IBD
  • Hypercytokinemia