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This page shows the products that can be sold by NeTech.
Since we do not have overseas sales network yet, we intend to build it as soon as possible.

KytoGEL (Reagent for research)

  • Stable liquid and water-absorbable sponge made by KytoGEL is available.
  • You can voluntarily select water, saline, PBS, and medium as solvents.

KytoGEL liquid may be insoluble in pH 6 or more.
The opportunity of insolubilizing KytoGEL increases at pH 7.0 or more.
喝喝Please adjust the concentration by using 4 % of aqueous KytoGEL when using
BIBBiIBspecial medium or buffer.

  • When you adopt a special medium or buffer, you should dilute 4 wt% aqueous KytoGEL with the medium or buffer of 2-fold concentration.
  • Please prepare commercially available device for UV irradiation.IUV irradiationLinkIcon
  • Please consult us for ordering articles specially made such as KytoGEL sponge including antibacterial and antiviral agent. Inquiry formLinkIcon

Fetal erythroblasts isolation kit "ISOLECT"

  • Lectin method to precisely isolate erythroblasts consists of the following process.
  • Single density centrifugation: removal of erythrocytes and a part of granulocytes (about 40 min.)
  • CD45 depletion: removal of leukocytes (about 40 min.)
  • Lectin method: Isolation and enrichment of erythroblasts (about 50 min.)
  • Cytospin: fixation and drying of cells on the slide glass (about 5 min.)
  • May-Grünwald-Giemsa (MGG) staining: morphological staining of cells on the slide glass (10 min.)
  • Operation of ISOLECT is carried out at ordinary room temperature (18~22℃).

  • ISOLECT will supply more FISH-reactive erythroblasts than other isolation technologies such as MACS, filtration, or microchannel.
  • We have so far conducted erythroblast purification using ordinary centrifugation and leukocyte depletion with magnetic beads. In the course of the optimization concerning their conditions, enucleation of erythroblasts caused by excessive centrifugation and stirring with stiff microspheres had been frequently observed.
  • Several researchers reported that erythroblasts which were isolated from maternal circulation are FISH-impervious. On that occasion, the magnetic beads immobilizing anti-CD45 and/or CD71 antibodies had been adopted as isolation method.
  • ISOLECT does not contain the process of magnetic beads.

Lectin methodLinkIcon

Equipments which are provided by customers to carry out ISOLECT

  • Low speed centrifuge with swing bucket rotor (required)
  • Cell counter
  • Incubator (18℃) or experimental room (18 to 22℃)
  • Microscope (required)
  • Image analyzer, laser micro dissection
  • Image analyzer Metafer4 (MetaSystems) is attached to AXIO II (Carl Zeiss). Metafer manages auto-stage of AXIO and indicates morphological erythroblast candidates which are subject to MGG staining. The position of cells which were selected as erythroblast are computationally memorized.
  • Laser captured microdissection PALM (Zeiss) holds the position data of Metafer in common, and then easily catapults and collects erythroblasts as a single cell.
  • DNA arising from recovered erythroblasts are amplified, and its mutation or lack is subsequently analyzed.
  • Metafer and PALM enabled to simultaneously detect Y FISH signals and amplified SRY (Sex-determining region Y) from erythroblasts of same pregnant woman carrying male fetus.
  • PCR revealed paternal DNA from the lectin-collected fractions including all cells which adhered to the glass slide. This fact indicates that in order to detect defects or mutations in DNA, single-cell manipulation is not essential.
  • When applicability of digital PCR to quantitate absolutely the copy number of target from a small quantity of DNA arising from rare cells has been proved, not only prenatal test of congenital anomalies but also fetal therapy will expand in the future.

Glass slide that is built into NeTech's Cytospin device or chamber slide has a smooth and flat surface eliminating thick coating layer to attach the chamber.
Thereby, FISH assay following erythroblast enrichment is not hindered.

  • Chamber slides
  • A chamber having two wells is mounted on a glass slide.
  • Two-well chamber is applicable to the assay to simultaneously use different type of FISH probes.
  • Size of the well: 22.5 x 22.6 mm.
  • EOG-sterilized

  • Cytospin device

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G-coat ware

  • G-coat ware is a dish, chamber slide, or microsphere cated with neoglyconoid G-CPS composed of oligosaccharide-carrying polystyrene. NeoglyconoidLinkIcon
  • Soap-free latex is made by polystyrene, and their particle size has been kept uniform.
  • Table described below indicates G-CPS which is currently available.
  • Please inquire a specific modification involving the plural G-CPS coating or the combination coating of HCPS and collagen, etc..
  • G-CPS list

  • Polystyrene dishes
  • IIII-EOG-sterilized
  • Chamber slide
  • IIIISmooth and flat surface glass slide (non-fluorescent), EOG-sterilized
  • Soap-free latex
  • IIIILatex modified with dye or fluorescence is also available.

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Inquiry/order form

  • ISOLECT, G-Coat ware, HCPS and KytoGEL can be ordered online.
  • Product price except ISOLECT kits depends on the quantity of manufacturing.
  • Please fill out our order form below, stating your specific request(s) , and transmit it.
  • An inquiry concerning academic information is also available.
  • The price of products that you inquired will be informed through sending back to your email address described on the form.
  • The products except ISOLECT are a build-to-order manufacturing. Thereby delivery time may require a measurable period.
  • Please fill out the following form as completely as possible:


KytoGEL is applicable to hemostat, wound dressing, topical DDS, and tissue adhesive for endoscopy.
SeeLinkIconKytoGEL for details.

Isolation kit of fetal erythroblasts

ISOLECT is a kit to precisely isolate rare cells from venous blood using lectins that bind carbohydrate chains existing on blood cell surface. ISOLECT enables to isolate and condensate fetal erythroblast entering maternal venous blood through placenta. It is considered that selection of lectin type or applied dose enables to isolate pluripotent stem cells, NK cells, and circulating tumor cells as well as fetal erythroblasts.
SeeLinkIconLectin for details.

G-Coat ware

The surface of petri dishes, chamber slides, and polystyrene nanospheres are modified with various glucides involving glucose, galactose, mannose, N-acetyl glucosamine, or functionalized heparin.
SeeLinkIconNeoglyconoid for details.