Pioneer of the chemically functionalized glucides
NeTech Inc.

Medical treatment and diagnosis using the functionalized glucides

Photo-reactive chitosan: KytoGEL

  1. KytoGEL which is composed of polysaccharide chitosan and photo-reactive groups converts itself into adhesive hydrogel by irradiating UV-A.
  2. Degradable chitosan hydrogel is applicable to hemostasis and wound dressing.
  3. Under clinical development as hemostat                         

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Precise cell isolation using carbohydrate-specific lectins

  1. Lectin method is the newly cellular isolation targetting carbohydrate chains of its surface
  2. Lectin method accomplishes a precisely rare cell separation and enrichment, and then enables cytogenetic test of the isolated cells. The rare cells are fetal erythroblasts or metastatic tumor cells circulating in venous blood of pregnant women or cancerous patients.
  3. FISH and PCR detected Y chromosome and sex-determining region Y from erythroblasts which were isolated by Lectin method. Therefore NeTech plans the sale of erythroblast isolation kit for prenatal test. The upper photograph shows a representatively morphological erythroblast based on May-Grünwald-Giemsa stain. The lower photograph shows a case detecting Klinefelter syndrome (green two X chromosome, red single Y chromosome, yellow two chromosome 21) by FISH analysis of the erythroblast.
  4. NeTech intends to establishes an automated system of Lectin method involving the business to supply its consumables. Besides, we are searching for a business partner to cope with wide cytogenetic testing.

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Chemosynthetically reconstructed macromolecules composed of oligosaccharides such as glycosaminoglycan: Neoglyconoid

  1. Neoglyconid (Glucide-carrying polystyrene: G-CPS) is composed of the homopolymer of styrene introducing oligosaccharides.
  2. Neoglyconid introducing heparin fragments (HCPS) is applicable to antitumor agent, surface modification of medical devices、and selective adsorbent for removing cytokines and so on.
  3. Under basic research to investigate its uses.

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News 2024-05-12
News 2024-05-12